Be the Health Hub of Your Community

Become the health hub of your community

Let’s work together to bridge the gap between independent pharmacists and physicians in your community. Equip patients with the tools and guidance they need to succeed!

  • Learn how to point patients to Jesus to achieve their goals through correction of sin and training in righteousness where appropriate through Biblical Counseling.
  • Embracing biotechnology will allow you to take your services to the next level and establish your practice as a health hub in your community.
  • Increase traffic within your network by adding a customized telehealth service model for new layers of revenue streams that will allow you to maintain a sustainable practice with high patient retention.

Allow me to guide you to freedom to provide true patient care through this simple process:

Step 1

Weeks 1-3

Confirm your identity and purpose

Step 2

Weeks 4-6

Build your program to solve the problem you have found a solution for

Step 3

Weeks 7-9

Partner with clinics to serve patients remotely through your faith-based passion practice

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