Be the Health Hub of Your Community

Become the healthcare destination of your community

Let’s work together to bridge the gap between independent pharmacists and physicians in your community. Equip patients with the tools and guidance they need to succeed!

  • Monitoring and educating patients is not enough for them to achieve positive outcomes. Learn how to take a holisitic faith-centered approach to equipping patients through counseling and connection to community resources. Guide them in correction of sin and training in righteousness where appropriate through Biblical Counseling.
  • Embracing biotechnology will allow you to take your services to the next level and establish your practice as the healthcare destination of your community.
  • Increase lives impacted through the expansion of your geographical reach by adding billable telehealth services for new layers of revenue streams that will allow you to maintain a sustainable practice with high patient retention.
  • Establish a continuum of care from the point of diagnosis through dispensing at an independent pharmacy and thereafter by supporting patients through remote home healthcare services

Allow me to guide you to freedom to provide true patient care through this simple process:

Step 1

Sessions 1-2

Explore your options for building out your practice. Establish your identity and purpose in your community. Structure your practice for success.

Step 2

Sessions 3-4

Customize your Remote Patient Management Program. Identify prospective clients and prepare your engagement materials.

Step 3

Sessions 5-8

Launch your practice through efficient and effective marketing techniques. Establish contracted partnerships to provide your services.

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