Lifestyle Guidance


Bring your patients closer to success through our lifestyle modification program backed by clinical studies with proven results for thousands of saved lives

Life Coach Connect your patients to a network of experienced coaches that serve to help patients achieve and maintain their success.
Habits of Health Guide your patients to installing micro habits of change into their daily routine that will allow for their transformation to unfold through a holistic approach on mind, body, and environment.


Provide your patients with a program that is custom-tailored to their allergies, intolerances, and goals in a non-restrictive manner allowing them to achieve instant positive outcomes. Transition them to utilizing this structure in their own daily nutritional routine once they have achieved their target outcomes to allow them freedom from any diets or meal plans.
Community Introduce your patients into a community of others just like them who are at various stages of their journey that can assist in motivating and giving them the accountability and support they need to realize their goals.



        Lifestyle Modifications 

Nature Therapy Get grounded through connecting with your environment and get connected to yoga practice to find mental clarity and support a healthy life.
Reminder Systems Never miss another dose. Let’s find the system that works best for you.
Medication Chart Keep an updated chart of your medications handy as you move from practitioner to practitioner
Herbal Therapy (Customized Teas) Our team is trained in the arts of traditional Chinese medicine to deliver the highest quality in natural herbal therapies. We can provide you with customized teas that support your complications all at once.

Tea 101

I will bring my knowledge from the East to the West where you may gain a background on a variety of teas, their medicinal uses, and how to prepare them.

Diabetes Self-Management Education 

Learn how to properly utilize your glucometer, track your progress, and manage your symptoms to achieve your goals.


Empower your patients…

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