Remote Patient Management Program (RPMP)

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Remote Patient Management Program (RPMP)

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 Medication Therapy Management Provide Comprehensive Medication Reviews and Therapeutic Intervention Programs without any middlemen
Chronic Care Management (CCM) CCM encompasses oversight and education to patients suffering from long term diseases (12 months or more)
Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) Provide continuous support to your patients to guide them to achieving their goals through the utilization of devices that transmit their data in real-time to your clinical team.
Transitional Care Management (TCM)  Guide your patients as they transition from in-patient to out-patient settings
Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGx)   Protect your patients at the point of diagnosis with genetic testing that will allow you to practice precision medicine
Diabetes Self-Management Education (group sessions) Empower your patients with the knowledge they need to manage their diabetes


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