Whether you need to prevent a cold or kick one, Hero will save everyday with a solid immune boost hidden behind citrus and licorice undertones.



Love Thyself

Embrace your heart with a cup of Love Thyself. This blend is formulated with ingredients that will support a healthy, happy heart.

Master Grey

Become the Master of your own destiny with a taste of bergamot oil, ashwangandha root, periwinkle and citrus that will sharpen your focus and memory.


Experience relief from menstrual cramping or menopausal hot flashes with this extraordinary blend of raspberry and honey in symphony with feverfew, ginger, chamomile, bee propolis and rose petals on luxury black tea.


If you need to keep your blood pressure or cholesterol under control, Release is the tea for you. It is formulated to leave you feeling delightful with it's sweet floral flavor.


Struggling to get through your day? Endulge in the delicious roasted almond flavor of Pizzazz to put the jazz back in your step with the added benefit of increased metabolism to aid in weight loss.

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings is the perfect cup of tea for those suffering from diabetes or in need of a good detox. Here is a tea that you can count on to cleanse your body with the strength of green dragon pearls behind every sip.


Find escape from your migraine pain through a refreshing melody of  peppermint, periwinkle, lavender, ginger, and chamomile that will let your mind soar.


Cleanse your pores and shine on! This peach and apricot duo will leave you beaming! The addition of peach and lily flowers and sarsaparilla on a fragrant black tea is sure to keep you as vibrant on the outside as you are on the inside. 

The Calm Before the Storm

Feeling stressed out or having trouble resting? The earthy vibe within The Calm Before The Storm will leave you relaxed and prepared for whatever may come.

Fortify Me

Fortify Me is designed to alleviate arthritic symptoms and support bone health with a savory flavor that will leave you finding difficulty in putting the cup down.

Holiday Gift Boxes

Design your own custom 20-bag Gift Box complete with 4 flavors of your choice and a tea infuser for $9.99 (additional for shipping $9.99 anywhere in the US)!

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