Remote Services

Chronic Care Management

Assist patients with understanding and managing their chronic diseases through routine monitoring and education programs

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Remote Physiological Monitoring

Support your patients in achieving their goals through continuous remote patient monitoring via real-time data transmitted directly to you from their testing devices

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Medication Therapy Management

Perform Comprehensive Medication Reviews and Therapeutic Intervention Programs without any middlemen

PBH Free Cost Savings Program

Let us help you pour more money back into your patients' bank accounts proving to them you care more about their health than selling products.

Building Lifelong Relationships

Opt-out of outsourcing and opt-into fostering lifelong relationships that start in your pharmacy. Establish your pharmacy as a place of health where people can meet the pharmacist that will remain connected with them after they leave the counter. Telehealth services can bring you into your patients' homes to bring healthcare back to the basics at everyone's convenience.


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