In-Pharmacy Services


In-Pharmacy Services

Point-Of Care Testing Blood Pressure

Blood Glucose



Serum Creatinine

Serum Electrolytes


OTC Health Programs Partner with your community to offer charitable donations through over the counter purchases.
Screenings Bone Density



Hepatitis C

COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Testing

Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGx) Analyze results to determine the effectiveness of patient regimens based on their genetic enzymatic make-up. We will train your staff on the proper utilization of this tool!





In-Pharmacy Services


Continuing Education Partner with local institutions to give back to the community and further our profession.
Immunizations Let us set up monthly community flu shot clinics to boost your revenue and protect your community
24/7 Clinical Hotline Provide the ongoing support your patients need and save your team from starting the day with the phones ringing off the hook with questions that could have been addressed by staff trained specifically to your store.
Drug-Induced Deficiency Education Pair supplements with your prescriptions to increase over-the-counter sales




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