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The Perfect Balance Philosophy

We believe that your patients deserve a relationship with their caretakers that is custom-fitted to their needs. Perfect Balance Healthcare serves as the connecting link between all members involved in your patients' health. It is our belief that everyone should be on the same page at all times for patient safety and optimal care. Our team is dedicated to resolving your patients' underlying issues with a focus on lifestyle and nutrition management supplemented by medication therapy when necessary--not the other way around. We aspire to empower you and your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to allow your patients to take control of their health from a holistic value-based perspective.

Our Story

While studying, a pharmacy student thought about how much more wonderful her profession would be if a company could put the focus of healthcare on the patient and not products. Upon graduation, she began working for community pharmacies. She was so overwhelmed with non-clinical tasks that she rarely had time to talk to her patients or even review their profiles. One day, she decided it was time to make her dream a reality, embrace her role as a clinician, and take action to serve her community. Her patients needed her to do more than just dispense medications. Perfect Balance Healthcare was founded on the belief that patients and their caretakers should be educated about and in control of their regimens with the guidance of their pharmacist and all active members of their healthcare team.


Dr. Nandita Koodie, Pharm.D.

 Telehealth Network Liaison

Dr. Koodie's experience began as a Medical Records Custodian in 2003 working in a general physician's office. She explored the pharmaceutical industry working to fabricate nanoparticles as a researcher during her years earning her Doctorate of Pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University. Since 2003, she also started working hands-on with patients and medications through community pharmacies including  Walgreens, Publix, and CVS. She felt the need to play a more clinical role as she entered into hospice care space under ProCare pharmacy before shifting into her current role as a clinical pharmacist working in Long Term Care at PolarisRx servicing 169 facilities across the nation. Her experiences have made her well-versed in topics surrounding nutrition and chronic disease management of almost every disease state with patients of all ages and various special populations in a multitude of settings. In addition to earning her doctorate in Pharmacy, she has gained knowledge studying abroad in London, France, China, and Japan that has allowed her to embrace and share effective herbal therapies that have been successfully utilized for thousands of years. Her personal experience with gestational diabetes in 2019 has allowed her to passionately pursue empowering diabetic patients who suffer from obesity in underprivileged areas to take control of their health with tools for success. She now practices as a Telehealth Network Liaison promoting preventative and proactive diabetes management between pharmacies, physicians, third-party payers, and most importantly patients to connect them to the technology and services that will allow them to create sustainable practices that function proactively to revolutionize healthcare globally.

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