PBH Coaching and Training Courses

CPJE/NAPLEX Prep Sessions

Get prepared to conquer this exam and move forward with your career as a California-licensed pharmacist

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Pharmacist Refresher Classes

Feeling overwhelmed with new drug classes and guidelines? Let's catch up!

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PBH Life Training

Take advantage of this free course to learn how to become a PBH Life Coach and lead your patients to health success!

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Entrepreneurship Coaching

Turn your passion project into your dream job. You can do hard things--we are in your corner!

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Telehealth Mastermind Class

Learn about what's hot in the telehealth world, how to apply these services to your practice, and the regulations behind them

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Biblical Counseling

Some problems are strictly medical, some are rooted in sin, and other wrong choices lead to health complications. Learn how to conquer spiritual issues to help others find optimized health through the instructions outlined in The Word

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Knowlege is Power

Feeling unequipped or tired of group coaching packages?

Work with us one-on-one to receive personalized training on the subjects you need training in to bring your patients to goal.

We train professionals at all levels of practice to realize their business goals and to perform at their highest level of excellence!


Get educated!

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